Without Further Ado…

It is my last week in Horb-am-Neckar, and I don’t think time has ever flown so swiftly past me. It is outrageously difficult to express my feelings for this captivating town, this beautiful country, and these unforgettable people. I have made some memories here that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I am sad to see the end of these short six weeks fast approaching. This town will be a home to me for as long as I have the ability to foresee.

Living through this dramatic life change with so many other students from my home has been, for a regrettable lack of a better word, interesting. Each day, we experience different things, and have different thoughts, feelings, and opinions about each facet of life here. We often talk with each other about things that we see or hear and compare them to our lives back home. We lament about our beloved pets, our not-yet-forgotten automobiles, and that delicious, life-giving Mexican food that all but pumps blood through our veins.

We read, speak, think, and dream in German, and we are rapidly assimilating to this crisp, punctual culture, so when we are able to come together and provide a little “California normalcy” for each other, it is a blessing. We have done a lot for each other to stay sane and grounded, whether through deep conversations or by simply being present.

At the end of the day, and especially after our weekly excursions, I see all sorts of photos on Facebook or Instagram, providing a glimpse of one person’s point of view, and together we make up an exhilarating collective experience of this incredible journey. The bond that we have formed is truly unique to any other I have experienced before, and I think it is absolutely amazing.  I will never, ever forget this group of reckless, beautiful adventurers.




This week, the mood has been rather interesting, as we are both preparing to leave our German families, as well as move into our new homes. We are a strange combination of gloomy and elated, and I’ve decided that the best way to navigate my way from these uncomfortable emotions is to put my head down and barrel through it. Our final exam is on Friday morning, and we will be having a going away party with the faculty of the Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg as well as our host families. On Saturday, we will embark on our final excursion to Ludwigsburg, although some Californians who are studying in other cities for special programs will already have left us. Oh dear, there’s a new sad thought.

We move to Tübingen on Monday, and begin our first round of orientation. On Wednesday, I will be traveling to Istanbul with some other students, and then on Saturday my dad and my brother will arrive to spend some time with me in Tübingen, and then it’s off to Bayern for Oktoberfest! So, in other words, I have no idea when you will hear from me again. Photos from the past few weeks will be posted tomorrow, as it is quite late now and I must go to bed.

Thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to visit my page, I wish you well. Until next time, tschüss!

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