Checking In

To no one’s surprise, I will be spending most of the next few weeks much the same as I have spent the past few: holed up in my apartment. This means, among other things, that I have lots of time to work on personal projects, such as this blog. I have a lot of topics in mind for future posts, and this period of sheltering in place will allow me to work on them as inspiration comes, which I hope will be very helpful for my productivity here. But first, I feel that it is most pertinent for me to write a little about what we are experiencing at the moment.

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Without Further Ado…

It is my last week in Horb-am-Neckar, and I don’t think time has ever flown so swiftly past me. It is outrageously difficult to express my feelings for this captivating town, this beautiful country, and these unforgettable people. I have made some memories here that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I am sad to see the end of these short six weeks fast approaching. This town will be a home to me for as long as I have the ability to foresee.

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Hey, reader!

Feel free to communicate with me about my blog! Any questions or requests are highly encouraged, and all comments and criticisms are highly appreciated. I’ve never had a public blog before, so I appreciate feedback of any kind.

More German vocab? Less recap? More photos? Less personal detail? Better layout? I need to hear from you!

Danke schön!

Thoughts and Things

Week three of our stay here in Horb is over, which means that we are halfway done with our Preparatory Language Program. Our time here is flying by, and many of us have been discussing how sad we are going to be when we have to leave our families and our homes that we have established here. I have certainly developed a lot of love for my little village called Ahldorf, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Continue reading “Thoughts and Things”