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Thoughts and Things

Week three of our stay here in Horb is over, which means that we are halfway done with our Preparatory Language Program. Our time here is flying by, and many of us have been discussing how sad we are going to be when we have to leave our families and our homes that we have established here. I have certainly developed a lot of love for my little village called Ahldorf, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Continue reading “Thoughts and Things”

Cars, Castles, and Chocolate

So much activity lately for such a hidey creature like myself! I have spent much of the past week curled up on the couch with my studies, blog, or Netflix. My batteries can take a while to recharge sometimes, especially when I’m working my brain so hard, so I’ve been spending a lot of time relaxing lately. I’ve also developed a serious problem with consuming chocolate, and have been on a violent rampage eating everything from Nutella to powdered hot chocolate mix. I know that sounds super interesting, and I’d love to share the details, but for now, here’s an update on what I’ve been up to when I’m not on the couch or stuffing my face. Continue reading “Cars, Castles, and Chocolate”

A Very Brief History

I was running this afternoon during a break from my studies when it began to rain. During the first Kilometer, it was merely sprinkling, but the farther away I got, the harder it rained. I turned a corner that marks the last two Kilometers of that particular route, and it began to rain hard enough to warrant me stuffing my iPod and Fitbit into my sports bra in an attempt to keep them dry. Continue reading “A Very Brief History”

This and That

The gorgeous, rolling landscapes of Germany provide an ideal backdrop for a vibrant lifestyle filled with peace and happiness. I am still adjusting to this unbelievably comfortable lifestyle, and being the easy-to-please lifelover that I am, I have very few criticisms. I am, however, entirely able to comment on the aspects of German life that stand out the most, particularly to one who has never before left the North American continent. I will fill you in on vehicular habits, insects, and a few stereotypes that Californians may have about Germans. Continue reading “This and That”