My Goals

What I planned to achieve while abroad

This page should probably be updated or rewritten now that I am living abroad again. I’ll put it on my to-do list 😀

  • reach level C-1 in German fluency
  • join a sports team or club
  • attend a European music festival
  • find a favorite German beer
  • find a place that sells IPAs
  • write more poetry, get back into drawing, improve with coloured pencils
  • TRAVEL – Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, the UK, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, HollandBelgium, France, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Finland
  • maintain this blog until the end of the school year
  • Oktoberfest
  • Wasen
  • develop a new skill/hobby
  • on a personal level: eliminate anger and fear, cultivate love and creativity
  • Tough Mudder
  • make a German recipe book
  • shorten blog posts and reduce production time
  • see the Aurora Borealis
  • visit a beach
  • visit a sandy beach
  • swim in a river or lake
  • visit a theme park
  • visit half of the 16 German states
  • Frühlingsfest
  • get a job/internship
  • visit 12 of the 16 German states
  • find a favorite German wine
  • ride an animal
  • visit 10 castles/palaces
  • visit 30 religious establishments (churches/mosques/cathedrals…)
  • visit 20 castles/palaces
  • visit 50 religious establishments (current: 45)
  • go camping
  • visit a German national park
  • visit 25 castles/palaces (current: 21)

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