This and That

The gorgeous, rolling landscapes of Germany provide an ideal backdrop for a vibrant lifestyle filled with peace and happiness. I am still adjusting to this unbelievably comfortable lifestyle, and being the easy-to-please lifelover that I am, I have very few criticisms. I am, however, entirely able to comment on the aspects of German life that stand out the most, particularly to one who has never before left the North American continent. I will fill you in on vehicular habits, insects, and a few stereotypes that Californians may have about Germans. Continue reading “This and That”

A little detail…

I could not have imagined how much I would enjoy it here, and I am constantly being blown away by the incredible things this country has to offer. I have been here for less than five days, but it feels like at least a week. There are lots of differences between Germany and the US, as one might imagine, and I will attempt to tell you a bit about a few things, such as toilets, recycling, beer, water, and food. Continue reading “A little detail…”