Blog Name Change Update!

(Bonus mini update on life included 😀 )

The time has come to change the name of my blog! This is happening for several reasons:

  1. I never really liked “GermanLyon” very much to begin with, and
  2. I am returning to Germany this fall (!!!) and I feel that with this new chapter, a new title is appropriate, and
  3. possibly the biggest driver of all, I GOT MARRIED!! 😀

Okay, so the third point was more applicable when I was going to change my blog name to “A Blevins Abroad,” which does have a nice ring to it. However, I think that retaining my maiden name in my blog isn’t totally unreasonable, especially since it’s cooler than my new name (let’s be honest, we can’t argue that one), and I figure that since I am changing my name in all other aspects, I can get away with this. So, allow me to introduce you to: RoamingLyon!

Back in February, before we were engaged (more details to come in a future post).

You have about a month to get used to it, before my old domain expires. That means that if you type or click a bookmark of “” then you will be redirected here. But, you’ve only got until about July 20th to remember or bookmark this new link. If you are already following my blog, don’t worry – you will automatically be following this new domain.

More updates are coming soon, I just wanted to announce the domain name change first. I’ve included a recent-ish photo of myself and Kyle, my husband, as well as a couple photos of where we’ve been living for the past ten months. Many more photos are coming soon.

A portion of a gorgeous sunset from a few months ago.

Thank you for reading!

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